Grandmaster Robert Cooley
8th Degree Blackbelt

GrandMaster Robert Cooley 8th Degree Blackbelt

With a successful history of High Performance Coaching in Taekwondo at the Elite International level, Master Rob has honed his skills in the areas of personal development and the maximising of potential within individuals, groups and organisations. A Former Olympic selector, chairman of the National Sports Board through to Beijing Olympics, also a National team Coach. 

Formerly a National, NSW and VIC Sparring Champion whilst in a previous Era being a team member of a very successful schoolboy Rugby League Team (Ashcroft High). These experiences are were Master Rob honed his physical attributes and personal development skills that will be providing the guidance to help you or your child be more successful in life. 

Master Rob has received a Australian Government Sports Achievement Award and International commendations for Taekwondo as well as many accolades from in his former career in industry.

Having added Gracie Jiu Jitsu (the single most history changing martial art) to our programs we have completed the circle to to have one of the best centres of excellence in the region.

GrandMaster Robert's Promotions:

1st Dan – Awarded By GM Ha. Jong Sang 8th Dan

2nd Dan – Awarded By GM Ha. Jong Sang 9th Dan

3rd Dan – Awarded By GM Ha. Jong Sang 9th Dan

4th Dan – Awarded By GM Ha. Jong Sang 9th Dan

5th Dan – Awarded By GM Kwak, Jae Young 9th Dan (National Pres)

6th Dan – Awarded By GM Hassan Iskandar 8th Dan (National Pres)

7th Dan – Awarded By GM Lee, Chong Won 8th Dan &Park, Hae Man 9th Dan

8th Dan – Awarded By GM Lee, Chong Won 8th Dan & GGM Park, Hae Man 9th Dan.

9th Dan- tba

All gradings/promotions are verified and certified through South Korea, the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo HQ and/or ChungDoKwan World Taekwondo Federation (first school in Korea 1944). Make sure that your Instructor is properly certified and ask to see their certificates from South Korea.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Promotions:

2012 Bluebelt awarded Prof Royce Gracie 6th Deg and Luke Beston

2014 Purplebelt awarded Prof Felipe Grez and Steve Maxwell 5th Degree

2016 Brownbelt awarded Prof Chris Haueter 5th Degree.

2019-5-5 Blackbelt awarded Prof Chris Haueter. Robert has over 10,500 training hrs in bjj and over 300 seminars hrs completed. He has trained and been promoted with some of the best of the best.

FiveStar is a Combat base affiliated school, registered under Master Rickson Gracie JJGF and the IBJJF as a Blackbeltbelt Coach.


Master Rob is a 4th Dan Blackbelt , awarded by Master Pihl Monaghan 6th Dan and Nigel May 7th Dan

Child safe certified through Office of Children's Guardian.



Master Rob has been trained by and with the likes of:  

Grandmaster Ha, Jong Sang 9th Dan (my Taekwondo teacher),  

Great Grandmaster Park, Hae Man 9th Dan (ChungDoKwan President), 

GrandMaster Rickson Gracie     Prof Royce Gracie,       

Master Royler Gracie, Master Jean Jaques Machado 7th Degree    

Master Rigan Machado      Master Pedro Saurer     Master Sergio Penha   Prof Rodrigo Gracie,

Master Carley Gracie,  Prof Xande Ribierio,    Prof Steve Maxwell          Master Carlos Machado  

GrandMaster Wally Jay Red belt –Founder Small Circle Jiu jitsu,      

Prof Murillo Bustemante,      Prof John B Will      Prof Chris Haueter,        

Prof Clark Gracie,        Prof Richard Norton       Prof Rafael De Lima,        

Prof Rener Gracie & Eve Torres-Gracie,            Prof Michelle Nicolini,  

Prof Ryron Gracie     Prof Nate Diaz          Prof Robert Drysdale          

Ritchie Vas (UFC),        Prof Felipe Geez          Master Jorge Pereira          

Prof Giu Mendes        Prof Rodrigo Antunes   Prof Dave Camarillo  

Prof Shaher Khan,   Prof Luke Beston, Prof Jack Taufer



Robert Cooley and GrandMaster Rickson Gracie (Greatest Jitsu Legend)

History Making School in the Illawarra….

1st Kukkiwon World Taekwondo HQ Board Member Australia

1st athlete on Australian Junior Team

1st International Gold Medal Winner, 

1st & only ChungDoKwan GrandMaster (8th Degree) 

1st Royce Gracie promoted Bluebelt in Illawarra, 

1st National Team Coach from the Illawarra, 

1st Head of Team/Manager National Squad from the Illawarra, 

1st School in Australia joined Jiu Jitsu Global Federation, 

Only School to Rep A.O.C Sponsored event in Illawarra, 

Only BullyStop® School in the Illawarra.

8th Dan Blackbelt, ChungDoKwan & 7th Dan Kukkiwon World HQ  

4th Dan Hapkido -Chosen Martial Arts

Brownbelt Gracie Jiu Jitsu via Prof Chris Hauteur 5th Degree

Olympic Games Taekwondo Selector 2006-2008

PostGradDipAppSc Sport Coach. (UQ AIS)

NCAS Coach level 1, NCAS General Principles 1-2

Strength and Conditioning Coach ASCA level 1.

Australian Taekwondo Team Coach 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006.

Australian Team Manager-Australian Head of Team

NSW Coaching Director 2005-2006. NSW Coach.

Only NSW, VIC and National Champion Sparring, only instructor from the Illawarra to do so

A highly respected, successful School in Australia (High Performance Centre). 

Awarded Best Instructor by Taekwondo Australia Inc NSW.

Commonwealth Sports Award For Taekwondo/Martial Arts by Sports Minister Kate Ellis MP & Jennie George MP.

Instructor Level 1 Stixs for Kids certificate level 1

TAPOUT XT Trainer, MMAXFIT Trainer, MMA Fitness Trainer

Kukkiwon World TKD HQ Commendation 2004 & 2017

World Taekwondo Federation Citation 2002


phone: (02) 4256 4499