“Tried & Tested, It Really Works”

Well what makes people standout and earn more, have a more fulfilled life with greater quality? 

We believe it is the ability to problem solve, to know how to listen and follow the rules and understand conformity. However the ability to read, interpret, to understand the solve problems is a fundamental requirement to gaining a better lifestyle through Taekwondo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Become a Blackbelt Worldwide from an Authorised Examiner (8th Degree Blackbelt) 



Our Classes at FiveStar Martial Arts, you’ll have the privilege of working with one of the leading Martial Arts Masters in Australia. In just a few classes with Master Rob you will learn skills and techniques from decades of learning experience, giving you everything you need to become a master of yourself! And as you learn Taekwondo or Hapkido from Master Rob, you’ll develop skills that you just can’t find in any other fitness program, you will gain Mastery. 


At FiveStar Martial Arts, we’re so confident that you’ll be excited about the results you’re guaranteed to get when you enroll in our classes. From real life self-defence that will leave you confident and more then capable, to a killer workout that will give you a fit, strong, lean new body, there are tons of reasons to try our Martial Arts. But you only need one, your going to love it!

What is your one reason? FUN, FITNESS, SAFETY, SANITY  or  Blackbelt?

“I watched a class the other night Master Rob, and they had a Karate bluebelt teaching and it was so terrible, I have 15 yrs experience before coming to you and I felt so embarassed because the students didnt know any better it was horrible. I knew from the outset as soon as a walked in and had done research that you are the real thing…..” Ian (student)



Master Rob is a certified 4th Dan Blackbelt in Hapkido, it is a Art of self-defence (Hosinsool). A Hapkidoist is able to handle virtually any situation and is able to apply the self discipline and confidence derived from the study of Hapkido to enhance the quality of their life and protect lives. Hapkido employs the philosophy of using minimal force to overcome a stronger opponent.

Therefore, great strength is not needed. In addition, Hapkido uses pressure points to assist in controlling the opponent. Hapkido has a powerful arsenal of kicks, thrusts and sweeps combined hand strikes, fist attacks and more. As well as the use of kicks and punches, Hapkido uses nerve and pressure point attacks, wrist and joint locks, and many twisting and throwing techniques.

There is little Hapkido in the Illawarra but it is popular is due to the fact that anyone, young or old, male or female can practice this complete art of self-defense regardless of physical weight or strength. Health is improved through training and exercise. Development of muscles, control of weight, a sense of self-confidence, self-control of both mind and body, and spiritual fulfillment are just some of the benefits of studying Hapkido. In Hapkido, techniques form a solid base upon which the skill of circular techniques can be developed.

What is your one reason? FUN, FITNESS, SAFETY, DE-STRESS  or  Blackbelt?

Taekwondo to Hapkido Blackbelt conversion program available. Ask us how!