Our Mission


Since 1987, Master Rob has delved deeply in to the Martial Arts. Our Mission is to Empower everyone that comes in contact with our school. A stronger Community one blackbelt at a time.



Everything we do we believe in challenging the Status Quo, we believe in thinking and acting differently. We challenge the Status Quo by empowering everyone through Martial Arts, the most effective, innovation, evolutionary self improvement systems and skills. As a result we create empowered, confident Blackbelts.... Want to be one?

FiveStar Martial Arts – Taekwondo Robert Cooley starting Taekwondo training in Liverpool (1987) from white belt to 4th Dan Blackbelt under a Korean GrandMaster, Ha Jong Sang. He was an 8th Dan Blackbelt when a young Master Rob began his Taekwondo journey. Master Rob under his guidance won NSW, VIC and National Sparring Championships during this time. Then went on himself to coach players to NSW, VIC, National and International Championships and medalists. Later being selected as a NSW High Performance Coach, National Sports Board Chairman, and Olympic Selector ( amongst other roles) with many of his athletes being selected for Australian Teams and himself an Australian Team Coach, Manager and head of Team. Master Rob started teaching in Kiama 1990 as he moved there but kept going back to Sydney to train with his teacher. While GrandMaster Ha would come to Kiama to exam Robert’s students.