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With a successful history of Coaching in Taekwondo at the Elite International Level and Multiple Blackbelts; Master Rob has honed his skills in the areas of personal development and the maximising of potential within individuals, groups and organisations. The Number 1 Taekwondo with Gracie Jiu Jitsu School in Shellharbour


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FiveStar is the Top Rating anyone can have, and at as such FiveStar is seen as a proven High Performance Centre and we can take you to the next level of Taekwondo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). 

We believe in thinking and acting differently. We challenge the Status Quo by empowering everyone through Martial Arts, the most effective, innovation, evolutionary self improvement systems and skills.

As a result we create empowered, confident people and importantly...Blackbelts In SHELLHARBOUR ! 

FiveStar Martial Arts is the Gold standard in Martial Arts instruction and has been delivering world class programs in the Shellharbour area for over 31 years. Taekwondo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu.


Join our Martial Arts family that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a few months or years, we’ve got exactly what you need.




My family are at FiveStar almost every day training multiple sessions,in fact i have started and love training as well myself. FiveStar is like a second home to my family. Master Rob is very caring and relates very well to each individual. We do both Taekwondo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. 


Sharon (Mum of 3 & Student) 


Got Fitter, lost weight, constantly learning mad skills.....just do it and i can do it with my daughter too. Simply the Best 

John (Gracie Jiu Jitsu & Taekwondo) 

National Sports Committee
Taekwondo Australia Inc

Tel        Jodi Brown, Committee Chair


2nd February 2011

To whom it may concern,

RE: Master Rob Cooley

Mr Robert Cooley has been coaching Australian team athletes since 1997, he has produced numerous National team athletes and also has gained International Gold Silver and Bronze medals results. Further, Mr Cooley has held the following positions for Taekwondo Australia:

National Chairman Sports Board
Olympic Selector 2007
Australian Team Coach (multiple)
Head Team Coach (multiple)
NSW High Performance Coach
NSW Coaching Director

Mr Cooley has developed his International athletes in terms of fitness, skills, court craft, sport psychology and strength and conditioning.

He is a very experienced coach and is highly respected in the Taekwondo community.

In my role as Taekwondo Australia Nationals sports committee chair, I can endorse Mr Cooley achievements mentioned above and highly recommend him.



Jodi Brown
Committee chair
National Sports Committee

Taekwondo Australia Inc



No matter what takes me away from training it always feels like home when i am able to return

Paul (Blackbelt #30) 




My daughter has just started & I am really happy with the mentoring she is getting from Master Rob....he is really in touch with kids & seems like a solid teacher...very happy...





Beijing Olympics 2007

Appointed as an Olympic Selector for Taekwondo The AOC’s Director of Sport Fiona de Jong said today “the AOC intends to appoint … Robert Cooley as independent selectors”. “They have knowledge of the athletes and the sport necessary for this role,” she said.

Fiona DeJong AOC Director of Sport


6 lessons in and I can see we will be with the Fivestar Martial Arts family for a long time. Rob, your dedication to your classes and the kids is great.! I've never seen someone with such a way with the kids to help them learn and listen when they get a little outta hand haha. Thanks heaps for letting us join the family


Great Grand Master Park 9th Dan; was so impressed with you as a Taekwondo man Master Cooley. He said he “was very happy with your students and school. Your school is very good I am pleased as Australian President to hear these good things. Thankyou Master Cooley”

GrandMaster Lee 9th Dan







In just three weeks Harrisons Kindergarten Teacher has been really surprised on how much improved his focus, speech and listening skills have become. I am so happy with your program Master Rob

Peter (father 1st Grade League Coach)

With roles model like Master Rob I am so glad Max trains here. I wouldn’t put him anyway else.” Max’s mum.

Your school and coaching are the best, I am so happy that my son Hongi Eum was accepted into your school. Hongi is so much more happier with his Taekwondo Training now.

(Hongki went to the same Korean High School as Sun Hee Lee, Sydney

Olympic Gold Medallist)

Mrs Eum, South Korea

My daughter and infact all my children have trained with Master Rob and have been there for many years. My daughter is now a 3rd degree blackbelt, my son a 3rd degree blackbelt and 1st degree MMA, my other son a 1st degree blackbelt and my youngest a yellowbelt. I think it says it all about the school and Master Rob it is so good for all the children. I know my children are higher or the same rank as many other school teachers. 

Lina (B.Com.Sc mother)

Blake loves FiveStar so much i can’t keep him away from here.

A happy Mother


I have been a teacher at a few different Martial Arts Schools in the Illawarra I have my own kids in Master Robs school. I tell my friends that i no way let my kids train with anyone else. I have far more knowledge then most instructors and been in a few styles. I go on to say that Master Rob know 20 times more them me. They are just the best. 

Bradd (business owner, 1st Degree Blackbelt)



Rob you were a great coach and instructor that my daughter (5x AUS Rep) was fortunate to have  had. You did everything for her and she has since represented Australia many times.

Alan ( Father)

2009 was the best year of my life at training, I learnt so much from Master Rob and loving Fivestar Martial Arts. I got my 3rd Dan, my Combat Hapkido MMA 1st Dan and and learnt all new and amazing great stuff. Now i am going into tournaments! 


thankyou Master Rob

Robert S (Blackbelt tkd 4th degree, Combat HKD MMA 2nd Degree)

NSW Bronze Medallist first Competition.